Stack manager deleting content again


Windows server 2012 running build 93.

Models.json.gz should be 52K but now its only 32K, stuff has just evaporated.

Second time this week, but this time a completely different load of content GONE completely from the models.json.gz.

And the backups are working which means its been overwriting the good backups with the broken models file.

I have done no deletes, there has been no changes and there is nobody who can delete stuff. The stack manager is doing it all by itself.


oh not pretty, i went to my house to check and yep it was there until i spun around and every other entity which had been around, had now disappeared - yup earth gone ! omg and there was me already shaking thinking the Halloween meeting at Sandbox had shown how fragile this virtual space is. Hopefully they will get this stuff sorted before we deploy for Mars missions


Actually earth is unaffected by this particular bug, it seems to be all there.
All domains seem to just disappear from time to time but they come back.

Earth is running on Ubuntu but the server with the problem is running Windows server, thats the Qbit domain.
Replacing the models file with the last good backup fixed it no problems, I am happy the backup system now seems reliable.


duh bad bookmark on my part - yes Earth is still there sorry for any panic