Stack Manager deleting my objects again


This occurred some time ago and the issue has returned,
Assignment client has been crashing for no reason every half hour or so, but thats not the real problem

After a crash while trying to import some model, restarting the stack manager most of my models were gone.

I checked the resources/models.svo and what used to be a 18K file was now only 4k, the models were gone forever.

Sadly I had just done a few days work and not backed it up, when I reloaded my backup file it became apparent I had lost some work.

I copied the backup file and renamed it to models.svo and loaded it, it crashed within a few minutes and lo and behold it had wiped SOME of the models AGAIN, not all of them but the same selected models that it decides to delete.

This is the 4th time this has happened to me.

It was lucky I had copied and renamed or I would have lost my backup.

Sadly I now lack confidence that the models.svo will be preserved and will find myself backing up every time I do anything