Stack Manager error


I installed the stack manager on windows 8.1 it downloaded whatever it needed and after trying to run it all the time get the windows error this program stop working :(( does not even get to any screen.

please help


Can you tell us what windows error ?


The is no code and the error message is simply saying: This program stop working.
Thats all i get, but also virus stops it too now for malware :open_mouth:
So is the stack mistakenly got a virus built in?


The conclusion , i thionk the virusscanner is stopping the stack manager. and that is why you get the “This program stop working.” what happens if you wait a bit longer.

I just installed it here on my desktop with avast. installation is no problem. starting stack manager so it get updated is no problem too.

Ok, now i see what others see, the second time i start the stack manaager it’s trying to download some updates. now its crashing. But my virusscanenr is not triggered. And avast can be be a monster sometimes.