Stack-manager is missing domain ID input field


The stack manager is not easy to setup, and that i say not quick. This time it’s setup under user account (not admin)

It’s the second time again in short time that i need to do it. I cannot enter the domain ID in the stack-manager. Youir forged to first login to the webpage and that create a temporarly domain ID. extra steps i dont want and don’t need.

Then after i tried to enter to existinmg domain ID i get somre error, proceed. it tells soemthing proceed. stack-manager restart. And then i can enter the domain ID. Can this Domain ID field be visible always , also when you just installed a stack-manager on clean install.

Without that field configure and setup the stack-manager is very complex. i would say, not logic.

Also full automatic. seems a big fail here. but possible firewall blocking things now.


Yes - it’s a royal pain in the whatever to setup if you already have a key. In its attempt to make something easier, perhaps it does for someone who has no credentials, they’ve made it a mess for others.


Access to the web configurator where firewall problem.

The Loading Domains Seems to fail for me. nothing seems to happen.

After fixing a few small configuration mistakes it’s up and running.