Stack Manager Minimum System Requirements


Hi all, I wanted to build a dedicated rig for the purpose of hosting a semi-permanent location for HF. I’ve got a minimum working knowledge of Linux, but wouldn’t rule out a Windows build for this.

Having built many barebone PC’s but never a dedicated “server”, what should I focus the hardware budget on?



Honestly, it does not really matter the RAM, if dedicated I would go at least 1024 to 2048 but anything newer would have more anyhow.

Your real tax will come from the CPU, and it is not that you need a heavy hitting one, you just need something that is not shared with a lot of other processing. This is where sometimes a VPS can become a problem, the shared CPU. I honestly think you could get away with any of the newer Atoms or above.

You can, if you want to host it yourself at home, get away with something like System On a Chip if you wanted to cut costs, but its up to you.


I’ve been using a Gigabye Brix i7 system to host Avalon (Twinktown) for a few months now and it seems to work OK. It is similar to the Intel NUC. What I like about it is small, has SSD and uses only 60 watts max… or at least that is what it says. I got it originally to host my Open Sim regions (which I still host from it along with HiFi) and regular web server because where I was living at the time had very poor internet connection so I just set it up at a place that had good internet and controlled it remotely.

When I first got it I opted for Win 7 rather than Linux mainly because I wasn’t sure what I would be using it for.

If I were you, I might not think so much about the minimum but more about the best performance and long term usefulness verses cost and also how much content you want to host from it. I thought about using one of my old unused machines or to build up a new system for it, but decided it might be better to use a tiny system like the one I bought.

If I were doing it now, and only running HiFi on it… I might just opt for cloud server. But maybe not… just because I like having more control over everything. Hosting assets and ACs on it are a different issue. I don’t have enough experience with either… so you should probably ask others because I really don’t know what I am doing.

edited to add: I guess it all depends on what you think your time is worth… for me: time is expensive, RAM and CPU are cheap, etc.


@Coal @Twa_Hinkle Back again guys. I think I’ll be re-purposing an old MAME build I did a few years ago. It’s only a Core 2 Duo but comparing it to a SOC I think I might be alright.

I don’t intend to share the resources with anything other than the OS, and I’ll be running it on an SSD with 4GB RAM… this way I can leave it running 24/7. I definitely considered going Intel NUC but as the spare parts pile up; I just couldn’t do it.

Thanks again for your advice, and if either of you have anything more to add I’ll happily read it.


Another option might be to use an old Windows laptop. It has a built in battery to handle a power outage and draws little power. Though you should strip off all but very basic software. I left antivirus on though.


I just use a second hand PC I found at the flea market for cheap for bout a 100 eggs. An old HP budget pc. Runs on 3core AMD, got 4gb of ram. Swapped out the drive for a ssd, and replaced the HP w7 home with a OEM w7 pro. Connected to it via remote desktop so didnt even need a graphics card. Works like a charm. Using windows because I share also as space engineers server and a starbound server. On a 20 MB Upstream, but its okay since I dont expect too much traffic on any of those.

If it is a dedicated machine, you could technically just run it on a 2nd generation raspberry Pi as well. Although youll need to figure out how to build them all on it :slight_smile:


I have an old Core2 Quad with 4 Gigs I have set up as a HiFi server now, though I’m not sure what kind of bandwidth, specifically upload that I’m going to need. I think I read somewhere its 1.5 MB/s per user, though that sounds a little extreme.


It is very likely with the quality of the audio that is broadcast is uncompressed, which is why many were discussing it earlier and getting a codec for it…