Stack Manager - Model manager listed as "Untitled" and in queued assignments list


When I use the latest stack manager (not updated for the last 10 days while I was travelling) I am seeing 5 of the assignments showing fine in the web interface but the 6th (the model manager) is labelled as “Untitled” and remains in the queued assignments list. Yet, its clearly running properly as the mesh models all show up fine on the domain.

Rendering works much nicer by the way, the excess rows of voxels that used to show above the vertical level they should have is gone.


Hi @Ai_Austin, we have turned off the particle server, the Entity Server is now the main server for content. We will be removing the particle server from the Stack Manager in the next version.


Thanks @Chris. Do such Stack Manager updates take place automatically, or is a new download needed to clear things up when its ready?