Stack Manager noob required


Do you want to run your own domain/stack manager but have no idea how to do it?
Good, I need you and you need me.
I have written the latest documentation for the Stack Manager, and the only way I can test it is for someone who has never had a domian before, go thru the steps I have outlined to make sure everything works as expected.

There have been changes in this area recently, and its different to how it was when I did it, so I need fresh eyes.
We can walk thru it together if you like.

Please contact me or leave your mark here and I will send you the docs.



I think I’d be fine with creating a new domain but I haven’t currently got mine setup so if you want someone to look at your notes I’ll help out.


I am just who you are looking for. Thanks.


Thank you @Ciaran_Laval.
diptheria does need help in this, so I will do this first test with diptheria, if I still need another victim I will call you. Thanks for your offer Ciaran.

@diptheria, PM sent (thank you)


I’m you guy! I just joined the team today and I would like to focus on testing and user documentation. This would be a great fit :smiley: I have a few different platforms and especially interested in getting my Centos servers up and running.


Thanks for your reply.
Please get in touch with @Coal he is our resident CentOS expert and a very helpful person, or find his CentOS documentation on the Hifi docs.

To get your Stack Manager running on Windows (and to some extent Mac) you can follow the directions here
and when you are ready to take the next step and register your domain please contact me and I will link you to the newest doc.
Thanks again
You may add me on Skype adrian.mccarlie to make this contact easier, if you wish.


Hi @Adrian, I am going through the doc now. It looks impressive. One item of note, when I first ran my server, I viewed it in my interface prior to get content set, my avatar was at some location with a red ball. I then went and clicked the get content set on server and restarted all, but my avatar was still at the red ball. I notice in the distance the new content and moved towards it.

I just saw a video by @chris , I think, where he grabbed some coordinate from the server and pasted into the interface to go to the new content. Hope this helped from a noob perspective.

Moving on to the rest of the doc.


Thank you very much!

I did that doc and the compile doc and update them as stuff changes and as we go, feel free to message me here or on skype (Holoshed).

This is the repo where I have my automated ds/ac compile scripts if you wanted to ever go that route for a domain-server/assignment-client.

That script even recompiles the servers if they made a code update

Coordinates, content sets

At the top of the “run” shell script of that repo you will see the models.svo for those content sets and you can do a wget on that into your resources directory and then set your place’s path landing point to that spot and you will always land there when you go. There is no linux “stack manager” per se right now.


@VR_Architect Thanks for the feedback.

These docs assume the user has already logged into Hifi at least once, navigating is outside the scope of these docs.
Once you have your domain running, even for Linux, you can follow this doc for Settings. Let me know how this goes for you.
This is all done via the built in webserver and you can get there from your regular browser by going to http://localhost:40100 if its on your local machine, or http://your_ip_here:40100 if its hosted somewhere else.

@Coal has kindly provided a document hosting for testing and proofing our documents before they get included in the official High Fidelity docs.

Here is the link for the Settings doc in question

@Ciaran_Laval @diptheria
I welcome any remarks, I mainly need to ensure that it flows without issue.


@VR_Architect @diptheria @Ciaran_Laval

More changes, disregard the pre edited post, I will post the modified doc shortly
here is the updated doc. please review and let me know how it flows.

Thank you