Stack Manager Norton 360 antivirus


When I downloaded Stack Manager Norton 360 deleted it. I restored it and say to Norton not trace more the program. Working now. When are resolved this problem?


Norton thinks that Stack Manager contains Suspicious.Cloud.7.ep so it removes it.

You can submit false positives to Norton but there are two problems there, one is that the maximum upload size is 20mb and Stack Manager is 34MB.

The second problem is that the alternative method of asking Norton to check a file is to submit a URL to the download, but unless Norton are in Alpha, they won’t be able to get to it.


Norton clshes with a lot of programs. I use Nod32 - it’s very good.


NOD32 is a GOD among other AV programs. I love ESET to death!


I have Norton, and I just bypass the delete by selecting “view details” from the warning popup - then select “download anyway”. Seems to work for me. :smile:


I don’t get a warning pop up for the download, it just deletes it. I have to go to quarantine and restore the file. Maybe we’re on different versions of Norton or maybe there’s a setting I need to change.