Stack Manager not connecting for updates and crashing when stopping assignments


Since installing Windows stackmanager-win-36.exe I get connection errors and a line at the bottom of the UI to say “Could not connect to internet” and with a Retry button, which simply repeats the error if used. I think this connection is intended for updating the stack manager, etc and that no updates are therefore being installed. It does not refer to the stack manager running as a domain when started… which in itself is confusing.

Can you let us know how to get a working stack manager that will connect to allow for updates again in future?

Also, as reported a number of times, on stopping most of the 6 services or assignments with the buttons in the stack manager on Windows I get APPCRASH popups from Windows and a “Process crashed” message in the stack manager console window. See this screen grab…


STack manager cannot connect error, still have it to.
Assigment clients that crash when you stop it in the domain manager, happens always, but not all the assignment clients crash. its a bit random wich one is crashing. audio mixer and avatar mixer are famous ones the crash almost always.


Error with downloading/updating is fixed on version 37 for Windows, 20 for Mac. Please hit the following urls to get the one that you need:



Thanks @leo That has let me connect again for the latest updates on Windows.

Stop buttons on all 6 assignment services still does a Windows APPCRASH note.


Thanks @leo, the stack manager works again with updateing, no errors when starting. Cannot say if the assigment clients crash. not tried a shutdown.