Stack-manager update. failed!


Just updated the stack-manager. well, tried to update.

Second try,

3rd ry, stuck on the assignment client update. So my domain is down. and i wanted to check if the skybox still comes back.

Round 4,


I just tried and it worked OK, though it was a huge set of downloads. Now I recently completely uninstalled and reinstalled the stack manager, so maybe the SM installer process has a bug not cleaning up old stuff.


Well, everything from, high fidlity is a big mess.

  • The forum is not working 100% with layout
  • Stack-manager upodate fails
  • And interface.exe is doing weird too.


Hi @Richardus.Raymaker I just tried Stack Manager and it updated for me. What version are you on?


Well, that’s other problem. am pretty sure it’s Version 97.
But i cannot find any version number back in the stack-manager logs. And i cannot start the stack-manager becuase it’s trying to update before you know wich version.

Just installed version 97 over the existing one. But , the same result. assifment-client updating failed.


Is there something unique with your setup? e.g. Did you install in the default directory location?


It’s installed in the default location. it’s windows server.
But i got a bright m,oment before sleep :open_mouth:

Many assignment clients are still running.

After i have shot them all down, the stack-manager did update, domain is running now.
I always close the whole stack-manager before i start a new one.

Problem is that the stack manager not always close the update window after updating. and possible a few more cases that create this problem.


This happens to me all the time. Mostly when I try to run AC scripts but sometimes when not running any ACs. I’ve ended up with as many as 19 ACs running when it only started out with 6 or 8. I always check processes and kill running ACs and even sometimes I must kill the domain server as well to get Stack Manager to update and run.

Oh, and while on SM topic, the last two times I’ve updated domain/SM the “domain accessible at hifi://localhost” never changed to the correct domain URL, even though the URL works in HiFi.