Stack manager update failed


But after closeing and starting the stack manager it seems to run fine. More problems with update ?


Same here…

Downloader::downloadFinished() for URL - QUrl( “
ublic/binaries/win/requirements/” )
Could not open archive file for writing: “imageformats/qgif.dll”


will look into this later today, quick question, can you guys find out for me if the imageformats/ directory actually exists in the system next to where the binaries are downloaded? Would like to double check that the is indeed not being decompressed — for metavoxels to work I had to add some plugins to the requirements package, and those plugins live in a subdirectory.


This is what i have in imageformats directory

2013-12-08  20:00            22,016 qgif.dll
2013-12-08  20:00            21,504 qico.dll
2013-12-08  20:00           205,312 qjpeg.dll
2013-12-08  20:07           218,624 qmng.dll
2013-12-08  20:02            16,384 qsvg.dll
2013-12-08  20:07            15,872 qtga.dll
2013-12-08  20:07           308,224 qtiff.dll
2013-12-08  20:07            15,360 qwbmp.dll


Ditto for me… but the updates are working now.

I note that my Stack Manager still shows a START button for the particle server, but @Chris said that has been removed. Should I have updated my Stack Manager .exe file separately at some stage? I have stackmanager-win-37.exe

I still get an APPCRASH when I stop every assignment in the Stack Manager also (on Windows 8.1) and have done for ages now.


Appcrash still appears here too. the start button still showing, but i think the still working on that part. theres also a worklist out for redesign of the stack manager ui.


hi all — there is indeed an issue with the “unzip requirements” code that fails due to nested directories in the zip file; I’m pushing an update within the next hour or so. Heads up, your DS and AC will crash since the requirements package that includes the updated DLLs for the binaries is not properly decompressing.

Hang tight and keep posted here, update is coming soon.


Hey all — issue has been fixed, StackManager’s self update mechanism will take care of it. Just close and open, a new requirements file will download and you should be good to go.