Stack manager wont start (win7)


The last few days my local stack manager fails to start, I downloaded the latest, and domain updater gets to 99% then fails and assignment client crashes and the stack manager refuses to start.
Any ideas please?


Check in task manager and make sure there are no assignment-client.exe instances running. If there are any leftover from previous runs of stack-manager they will prevent the executable from being updated and cause this kind of problem.

I know there have been a couple of recent updates specifically to address the problem of assignment clients not shutting down, so hopefully this shouldn’t be an ongoing thing.


Thanks for the reply, there are no other instances running, I have restarted several times.

I guess my next step is to uninstall stack manager and start again?


That’s what most times works with interface.exe


Reinstalled stack manager, same thing, no change, domain server fails at 99%

Cant run my local stack manager, still looking for help thanks.


Latest try update was successful, local stack manager running.

I have a working sandbox again :slight_smile: