Stack trace interface3309


@chris, here is the stack trace of 3309 crashing.

It appears to have been fixed, or maybe hidden, in 3321.


This is mine from win version 3324… or best I’ve come up with so far


@chris Interface version 3333 is still unusable on this system:


And same crash on 3334


@chris Interface still crashes on startup for me. This is from win version 3342. It looks a bit different but always seems to crash in the same .dll


thanks @Twa_Hinkle I have it reported


@chris Ooo… I sort of feel like a dork. I looked up the .dll that was causing the crash and noticed that it was part of the Nvidia OpenGL drivers. I thought my drivers on this machine were up to date but I guess not. I updated my drivers and the crash went away.

I think this probably changed in Interface weeks ago but I’ve been out of town for a month and didn’t use this machine until the other day… so… oops… never mind