Stackmanager 79 download fail


I just tried to download the new Stack Manager, v79, but I got a ‘file does not exist’ warning.


Same here!
I actually posted this issue on the last stack manager download fail thread as well.Apparently it has gone unseen. :frowning:


@Foxxe @Ron.Khondji thanks for reporting this, will be fixed within the next 15 mins.


Stack Manager v81 for windows is now available for download!


If I start the StackManager on my Mac, I get often an update. Dos this mean, I have with this the last build, or must I update myself to the new build?


I guess you get the last stack when starting the stack manager. The manager part of it you have to download and update yourself.


Yes I also have thought in this way. Last time, when I have updated the StackManager myself, I have not removed the old StackManager. I have thought, maybe it dos take some values from the old. But with this I have gotten a lot of crashes after update and it has needed a half day before all has worked again. So it would be helpfully, to get some instructions from the developers, how the update of the StackManager should be done.


The Stack Manager is the GUI that manages the stack, the stack is made off of various components that the stack manager downloads for you.

When there are Stack Manager updates, you need to download and install, it will replace any older version in the system. The Stack Manager itself will on the other hand keep the stack up to date, checking whether you have the latest version of the various components when you run it, and downloading them for you if you don’t have the latest and greatest.

Let me know if that clarifies things.



Thanks @leo, yes this clarifies things :smile: