StackManager 93 for Windows after latest update of resources, etc reports missing Qt5Qml.dll


After restarting Stack Manager version 93 on Windows (still the latest) today and it doing the usual updates, the assignment client part reported an update failure. rebooted the system and it no longer reports that but now it will not start saying

Program can’t start because Qt5Qml.dll is missing.

I reinstalled Stack Manager 93 .exe and it still reports the same thing.

I just noted this was reported elsewhere by others 4 days ago too… its still a problem as at 3rd November 2015 10:00 GMT on Windows.


This seems to be happening quite often. Its like something is wrong with the automated compilation.

At some point the 93 worked too… .


Windows stack manager version 93 has been working for quite a while. its an update of the downloaded items on each startup sometime within the last week or so that has messed it up. I noticed it today when I restarted the stack manager.