StackManager updated due to bucket change


Due to the recent S3 bucket change, please update your Stack Manager so they get properly updated with new builds. Latest versions can be downloaded at:


for Mac and Windows respectively.

Let me know if you run into any issues.


Want to note that after updateing the stack manager, you get this warnings.
Still seems to run fine.


Thanks, will look into this.


Is a manual download and install needed @leo, or will the normal update just work?


To be sure, I uninstalled the stack manager that was present, checked it had gone, and installed the latest version from link above. It will not start. It says it cannot connect to internet and has a Retry button which fails on every attempt. System is connected fine on a University network and working in all other respects for internet use.

QSslSocket: cannot call unresolved function SSLv23_client_method
QSslSocket: cannot call unresolved function SSL_CTX_new
QSslSocket: cannot call unresolved function SSL_library_init
QSslSocket: cannot call unresolved function ERR_get_error
QSslSocket: cannot call unresolved function ERR_get_error
Could not connect to the internet.

Ah, but as @Richardus said. it seems to be running anyway.


I restarted the stack manager…which I updated to stackmanager-win-36.exe yesterday… and it still says it cannot connect to the internet at the bottom with a retry button. It may not be trying to find updates? As it is running the domain.


@leo, I am still getting the could not connect to internet error and hence I assume that I am not getting any updates.

Also, I suggest you change that message to something more appropriate, as clearly the stack manager is running and doing what it should and I assume the connection being tried is to your update location? So alter it to the more appropriate…

“Could not connect to update server”

I looked and the latest stack manager for windows is still stackmanager-win-36.exe which is the version I have installed.


Just checked if there’s stack manager update, but still getting the no connect message.
Think we dont get updates because the above described error.


Will have this fixe soon as I get to work - stack manager is unfriendly to https quick fix


Error with downloading/updating is fixed on version 37 for Windows, 20 for Mac. Please hit the following urls to get the one that you need: