Stair's compound shape. ramps. and problems


Not understand it right now. There are some errors in my collision shape. but that is easy to fix. one problem i cannot fix and not see why it’s failing on my new building and works on the old one ?

This the stair ramp compound i use on my first building you can find on earth.

This is my new building compound with stair ramp. i used the same step size so the rtamp agle must be the same. But i cannot get up ! sliding always back down. i can only get up by jumping. And i see not what is wrong.

You need to use ramp’s because normal stairs are not absolute not working.


The angle might be calculated as too steep, probably somethign the physics guys should look into.


I need and want to check that again. it cannot be much difference. But that’s something for after some sleep.


Ok, did placed both ramps next to each other.uploaded the onj file with ATP.
add the same only file as compound. Both ramp’s i cannot get up anymore. Or very difficult. Is something changed in the compound routines. because i don’t understand why the long ramp works fine in my old first made house. But seperate no luck. Here is the obj file

The difference between the old one (long) and the new one (short) is not so big that it need to give so much problems. but like i say. i cannot climb them both.

And yes, i can stay on the ramp if i jump up. Well sofar the avatar pose is showing that.

Putting everything on hold, until i know what’s wrong or if something is broken and fixt.
If you rotate the angle of the object, strange things happen. That is another bug. the collision shape is not following the rotation of the object. until you relog or go to other domain and back.

Andway with a lower ramp angle things work, think like menithal say. the need to adjust some numbers.

Now this is intressting. i copied the ramp a few times. moved around sofar it’s possible with this build tools. (moving keeps annoying difficult) and now i can walk up the orginal ramp. In my house it’s still not working. Something weird is going on. Tiny bug mabye.


Not want to rebuild my building, because it’s correct and the ramp is not so steep. Just uploaded the building in opensim sofar possible. Add a cube for the ramp. and there it works. and the stair is scaled based on RL sizes.

I really think something in high fidelity need to be adjust fixt.

The ramp is 45 degree. i have not rescaled the building in opensim. My avatar is 1.82 meters in opensim. just the same correct size like high fidelity use.

So why is this impossible in high fidelity and do i need to make weird looking not correct scaled stairs ? Yes we need to use a ramp, because the avatar cannot walk normal steps. When the fixt interface build 3242 crashing i need to test some ramp angles in high fidelity.


Its a Physics engine related thing, you should wait for the physics guys to fix it: It just might be calculated as too steep, and with a capsule shape, it behaves as if we are rolling down the ramp.


As long it get confirmed as a problem. Because right now am frozen with doing things in hifi. before i spend more time in something that don’t work. But a different chair would be out of scale.

Hmm, tomorrow need to count the steps in RL :slight_smile: i know the stpe height and depth is correct.


Ok, the maximum angle seems to be 39.5 degree. at 40 or higher i cannot climb it anymore. The devs need a tiny adjustment so it works fine with 45 degree or a little bit more.


Looks like, and i need to make a test in blender for it. that right now thge step size need to be 20cm heigh and 25cm deep. then i get angle of 39 degree in opensim. 39 degree seems to be the maximum ramp angle for now in high fidelity

ATP seems to have a good day, or it’s fixt.
And the 25x20 stair steps work to. Now i need to recreate the stair and decide if i change the existing build or make a new one. both is lot’s of work. This 39 degree angle.

L:earned again something in blender. so, we change the stair in the existing building.
Deleted cache from disk, and ATP is in bad mood again. that ATP have porblems is a bigger problem then the stair. the stair is easy fixable.