Static mesh not get updated after updating ATP FBX and cache reload


While building on mini golf. i need to update a few times the same emsh. I do that this days in 2 ways. Because i bug im forced to reload content.

I use one of the two ways to update the existing mesh.

  1. Upload new mesh to ATP and copy and past URL in the current model.
  2. Upload new mesh with same file name the overwrite the exiting one. (or i delete the old one first.)

I tried option 2 with overwriting the existing mesh file. then i do a reload content.
Now that works fine, sometimes content not show until a relog or TP out of the domain.
But the Static mesh not get updated when you reload content !

Now, I did it the difficult way and removed the old one, placed a new one. messed with size and position + rotation to get it back on the right place.

In other words, why is High Fidelity not regenerate the Static mesh ? How can we force a static mesh reload without removing the whole build ?

Mabye a reload button in the edit properties behind the compound compound selector ?


i load things locally then i can just save over it and relog to refresh it

i wish i could do longer gifs


I do not think that you solve the static mesh about this way @judas.


Try ShareX.
It’s free, open source, allows you to recored gifs > 10 seconds & upload then directly to Gfycat (also free).
It’s a great little program for making quick bug repro gifs when Gyazo’s 10 seconds isn’t long enough.