Status vertex and geometry shader


What is the status of vertex and geometry shaders? Has already done something in the development? :wink:

I have discovered 2 things that could are combined interesting.!!-huge-open-world-for-all-%28glsl-shader%29

And I would like to try my grass inworld.


Iโ€™ve seen this grass in the game but I canโ€™t remember what it was called but it did look pretty nice


You think sure on the prototype grass. My grass I was create self with the programs Xfrog(billboard texture) and Blender(grass object, vertex shader). source of the original grass blade texture:

But an other question please. Does a voxel terrain has a similar mesh wire like L3DT terrains or the terrain with the LODshader in the link of my last post? Can you activate a wire frame mode in the interface?