Steam - Option to use Desktop Mode


Something that came to mind was how the Steam version of High Fidelity (all hail auto-updating) always starts in SteamVR mode. At first, I thought this was a limitation of Steam (where a game must be either a non-SteamVR game or must be a SteamVR game). However, upon launching something else (I think it was either Subnautica or AltSpaceVR), I was given the option to use SteamVR or ‘regular desktop mode’ (which I had to use in order to use the natively built in Oculus support).

During a weekly meet up, it was mentioned that we are seeing a higher influx of users join High Fidelity as well as some who were coming from Second Life. While it has been mentioned that you can just run the executable (that’s how I get in for now), it may be more welcoming to a new user who may not have a HMD to know that there is a Desktop mode and you can launch it without going through additional hoops.

Unfortunately, I do not know how difficult it would be to perform (since that’d be a thing with the steam’s application profile), but it might open the door wider for more users to come and try High Fidelity.