Steaming audio web radio etc


I would love to have the radio playing in my domain
sadly i know nothing about js or I woulda figured out how to do it
I hit google cos i know we use js and found this

this person has all the code on github

Would that work in hifi? its js
or just cos its js is our js different am I an idiot to ask, is it more time consuming then i can possibly imagine. is it something that despite it being open source would require massive investment
or does hf already do this and no one told me


As far as I know you can only play sound files at the moment. To have a radio you would need to be able to stream audio. What you can do - I think - is this jukebox style system where you for example loop 5 clips or something like that. Hmm… I could try to make you a radio that repeats 5 sound clips. Would that be something?


At this point, you could just play an internet radio in your browser, minimize it, and flip over to interface, no?


@John_Laury music’s nicer shared

@Polac as far as I can tell it only plays mono samples at least all the sound scripts I tried do.


what came first the DJ or the dance ? we need both + permission system.
Juidas there are so many things that are still missing. i know biting myself sometimes to, it can never go fast enough. but i understand that things need time. hopefully not to long.

not understand the above reactions except the one from @judas,
offcorse you can point everybody to some streaming website.
but thats not what virtual world need.

You can stream music on the vocie channel judas. but disable the noise filter.


or stay in secondlife where I can do this with all the people and commerce.

Why will people come here?
If we cant give a reason they wont.
And we do need a reason.
Secondlife people are unlikely to jump ship too much investment
So we need a reason for different people to come
low lag isn’t it
but it starts with “Man you gotta come try High Fidelity its amazing we can …”


Judas, im sure before the flow can go in (alpha stage?). the have streaming audio available.
philip know something like that is required.


@Judas: Yes you are right. Currently only WAV and RAW formats are supported and something like 16-bit, 24KHz, mono. Or at least thats what it says in the comments of the source code. :slight_smile:


The code to stream audio is going to have to be put into interface. JavaScript will be useful at that point to code “radios” that allow you to select “stations”, much like the scripted radios in SL. Think of it this way, Interface is like a web browser, the code you referenced can reference a stream, and get music to play only because web browsers can already play the audio. Same thing in SL, those LSL scripted “radios” are simply feeding a url to the client and pushing the “play” button.

You’ve basically hit upon the difference between why C, Java, etc are called programming languages and JavaScript, Python, Lua, even Linden Scripting Language, are scripting languages. They’re both essentially programming languages, the difference is a programming language programs the computer, a scripting languages programs within a specific run-time environment. In this case, Interface.exe. In another case would be a web browser.

The code you referenced though, could, after some tweaking (to make up for the different environments), be used as a streaming radio script.


The easy way to use online radio in your domain is to install flash player:

start Inteface, add a web entity and put in URL your radio adress ex:

Enjoy web radio in your domain!


I just wanna beable to select itunes in audio devices and press play
and install nothing

yes i can shoutcast yes i can rout my audio via a mixer , yes i have serato and sam broadcaster

i want a solution that works effortlessly for everone

do i have to wait for vr chat to have it so were allowed to copy them?


Advise to indall flashplayer is to most bad one you can give. people need to stop using and jnstalling not secure flash. It’s also starting to get obsolee.

It’s already bad enough that microsft install it default in edge on windows 10. Hmm. still need to check how that can be removed.


I do agree. Flashplayer… please free the world from that technology.


FYI, IceCast web radio base on Vorbis .ogg are playing well natively on the web entity.
This is sadly not the most popular format used… (mp3 seems to be the one)
But someone could broadcast using IceCast in ogg to play live in stereo on a domain.

That becomes more tricky if you want people able to adjust the volume, that need a web page to allow that. I wish that the volume of a web entity could be at least calculated bas on the distance from the it. (Not sure it would solve all the issues)


If only hifi included some kind of audio capable server system then we would already have everything we needed to broadcast audio