SteamVR get started when no Headset is connected (fail), it not start when connected (correct working)


If you try to fix one problem, the audio default playback device. by stop using the vive at all and unplug it. You get a new bug instead, STeamVR is starting automatic when no headset is connected. Also if you remove the power from the link box interface is still starting SteamVR.

Strange thing is, that this not happen when you have the headset connected. SteamVR is not starting automatic then. Just how it need to work !

Using the desktop interface client.
Only running Steam when really needed when i use the HMD. Otherwise keep that type of steam trash turned off.
Tried to disable the handcontroller in interface but that made no difference.


Same thing happens if you have an Oculus and it’s not plugged in, except worse - it launches oculus runtime, which fails, then steam vr which fails. It’s been reported, several times over last few months. Seems to be not considered an HF problem.


Yes, and because it’s also not shuttring down steamVR after closing interface it’s still wasting around 4% of my cpu. Besides other problems with audio. interface is difficult porgram to use. You need to check audio settings if you use HMD. Now you need to kill processes manual after use of high fidelity.


While it may sound counter intuitive in Hifi’s case, perhaps a simple solution would be an argument for ‘nohmd’ mode. I remember hearing in the past something about some users having issues with the system incorrectly detecting which HMD was in use, which was resolved with an argument parameter.

As for why it is not starting when you do have things connected… no idea.


That is how i have steam configured. In the past. Not sure if it still works.
So high fidelity would nt run steamVR.

The problem is, that it does sneaky in the background start SteamVR. and not close it on exit.