Stephen Hawking's new speech system is free and open-source


It can be usefull for high fidelity to, as bridge between chat and voice mabye. It’s opensource and it’s free. Hmm, it’s mabye not compatible with mac and linux :open_mouth:


There are, in fact, numerous speech synthezers going back to 1998 (ish) but they are not often “user-friendly” (they require some techie knowledge for proper use in networks etc. (I’ve even heard some very human sounding with UK accents etc but they are still robotic and slow to interface with.)


It is written in c sharp
It looks a system for people with a motor neurone disease to interact with software

I am not quite sure if hifi will integrate, but I think it will be possible to add hifidelity to


I have some issues with TTS and would probably turn it off as soon it comes in… Even thought it all sounds really good in paper. this is usually what it degenerates to online…

##Warning: Your ears.

but ofcourse, this would make it easier for those without mics: To fix this we need to be able to identify, and mute of specific users.

There are also existing software, such as that allow you to speak through via text to virtual microphone to speaker output