Still can't connect to my server


I can connect to other servers fine, just not my own. This is after having had the server up for a few days without a reboot.

Using current release build 7150.

Server Log (Ubuntu):

Oct  8 09:24:34 unassigned domain-server[701]: [10/08 09:24:34] [DEBUG] [default] Not sending ice-server heartbeat since there is no selected ice-server.
Oct  8 09:24:34 unassigned domain-server[701]: [10/08 09:24:34] [DEBUG] [default] Waiting for "" host lookup response

Client Log (Windows 10):

[10/08 10:25:52] [DEBUG] [hifi.networking] Trying to go to URL "hifi://code/0,0,0/0,1,0,-4.37114e-08"
[10/08 10:25:52] [DEBUG] [hifi.networking] Waiting for ICE discovered domain-server socket. Will not send domain-server check in.
[10/08 10:25:52] [DEBUG] [hifi.networking] Sending packet to ICE server to request connection info for peer with ID "cec7b53e-1b6e-4677-93b1-7432a72da009"
[10/08 10:25:52] [DEBUG] [hifi.networking] Possible domain change required to connect to domain with ID QUuid("{cec7b53e-1b6e-4677-93b1-7432a72da009}") via ice-server at ""
[10/08 10:25:54] [DEBUG] [hifi.networking] udt::Socket error -  QAbstractSocket::NetworkError
[10/08 10:25:54] [DEBUG] [hifi.networking] Socket::writeDatagram QAbstractSocket::NetworkError - Unable to send a message

The logs are different after reboot (and still can’t connect). Now I am wondering why the ice server is unresponsive after a few days of servers being up. Does this mean servers will need to be rebooted every day?


Trying to recompile everything from scratch. See you in about 8 hours. Really wish I could get some functional hifi servers going. It is impossible to get any dev work done with these conditions.

It used to be much easier to keep linux HiFi servers working but these days it gets harder and harder until now I am spending ALL my dev time trying to keep them working and updated. Is this how HiFi is going to play out forever?

I’ve been paying about $400 a year for several years now for a bunch of domain names I can’t even develop (not to mention related expenses like dedicated servers and asset/software licenses). Imagine my frustration.


I have a build on Debian, and the rebuilding process has so far, after the initial hassle of setting the environment up (especially after the Change in September), been quite straight forward. They dev onto Ubuntu, so I am surprised you are having more issues than I did…

Do you have all your domain names pointing to that one domain?
Perhaps having so many domain names (since you are saying you have something around 30+ if you are using 400 usd a month) from a single address maybe causing something oddities with the dev node.

Have you tried building against the stable ice instead of the dev? (if you are using stable build, that is)

IIRC you need following env’s setup.


Envs to build to stable. stable is lowercase on purpose.

If you have the cores, its nice to use all of them for the build so that you dont spend 8 hours just building.

Just a word of caution, however, there is -another- change comming up when the allow the use of clang in Linux.


Yeah I always forget to use the -j compiler flag.

Ok, trying this. I wonder why this isn’t documented anywhere?

I have about 7 pointed to it. Is this known to cause problems?


I have about 7 pointed to it. Is this known to cause problems?

Not that I know, I am just guessing though, could be an edge case with their ICE provider, or an unintended “spam guard” kicking in.

I have only 2 placenames pointing to my domain.

Ok, trying this. I wonder why this isn’t documented anywhere?

Not sure why, I had digged up that information up when I was trying to get my Debian build working.


Classic Highfidelity!


I am still using a 7150 sandbox.
Now that I’m not rebooting it quite often, I’m noticing these kind of issues - ICE server related.

What was your solution about this?


You mean you are having issues with a build you did?
Try the environment variables.


If you mean something prepackaged, you should make a new thread (this is 6 months old)


I wasn’t referring to a build I did.
The build I’m talking about is actually the 7150, that’s why I’m answering to this thread, didn’t want to open a new one for a very old build.

Thanks for your support!