Still floating off into space every time I take a snapshot (and other actions)


What to do???

By the way, resetting avatar collisions does not fix this…


This happens when you are in edit mode, dont take snapshots in edit mode :slight_smile:


No, this happens when I am in any mode


Yep, now on version Mac 2343 and am still floating off into space, with no way to stop myself, every time I take a snapshot. I do not crash, however; I can float around indefinitely and direct my motion with the arrows…but I can’t stop.


So you’re effectively a Voyager Space Probe. :smile:

I did have this issue on Windows during snapshot as @Adrian already mentioned, but I haven’t tried replicating since.


I also float away every time I move right or left.


Yes, I took advantage of it to take a comprehensive video of Earth as I sailed around above it.


hee-hee…this is so much fun! :slight_smile: