Still like to know how High Fidelity is going to keep logins working if


Still like to know how High Fidelity is going to keep logins working if something happens with a part of the internet to the USA ? Or mabye the USA cut access to a very low level.

How can users from high fidelity still LOGIN.
Yes login, i know you can get to your domain,
but without login info your probably going to lose functionality.
How is this going to be solved ?
So far i know the login server system is only hosted at one place in the USA,
It would be good if it’s at more places on the world. outside control of some people.

And i think in this age it’s a pretty valid queston.
How is high fidleity keep user logins working for people outside the USA in case of soem disaster.


As you note: the client and the sandbox don’t actually require use of our meta-verse servers to operate. You can reach the domain with an IP address or domain name. As for the global login service, you are also not strictly forced to use that in your domain server. (It is open source, and you could replace that auth service if you choose.)

That being said, our metaverse services layer is built on standard portable redundant services. We run them on an handful of different cloud service providers, all of which offer international hosting locations. For us to be completely taken down for an extended period of time would assume that Amazon and Microsoft were taken offline as well.