Still missing a avatar creation feature - for common users


Hi guys,

I just wonder, some month ago (maybe last year) HF blogged about the upcoming avatar creating/shopping domain, I think it was from 3DMorph. They showed us a movie about that. Is that domain already up and working? I can’t found it.

Last day I made a big mistake, and lost my avatar. Fuse is not working anymore on my Windows machine, and now I only have this wooden pupet as avatar. The avatars from the marketplace don’t really fit.

This is again really frustrating. As long my other avatar was online, for about 18 month, I was not thinking about how it feels, if you start in a new metaverse, and you fail to find a avatar it fits to your personality.

And even everyone says, this is not SL - I must say, when I started with SL, and had no clue about eveything what SL is - one of the first things I found was the feature to modify my avatar. It was a big thing that caught my attention and made me very happy and amazed! :wink:

The Program work in VR only.
I have test it two week s ago.
In the Room you have to safe then in the Cloud (sign)
Posible when Readyroom shout down and let the HF Interface start,
it s lead you to the Welcome area.
Here you have then to go home, then your new Avatar rez.


cool Thing, thanks Sbin! I will give it a try when back home :slight_smile:


From the Adobe Launcher… click at least 15 time very rapidly on the icone…
It will start after some long second… (Note that you might get many instances of Fuse running… just keep one and start to work)


unfortunately it’s not working for me. Guess my finger clicks rapidly, but maybe not fast enough - I run a insider build of windows, maybe it’s to far away. But thanks anyway @Alezia.Kurdis :slight_smile:


I have seen many more avatar programs that are great but end up dead in the end but never give up some day a scan system may map us in.


Got it! I was rapidly clicking on the ‘open’ button, what’s not working anymore. But you wrote ‘icon’ - and that works! thanks @Alezia.Kurdis