Still missing the arrows for X and Z movement in edit tool


Just needed to test my mesh, so upload it. place it. (it spontanic schrinked) reset size.
And now we need to move it. It works, with shift it works a bit to. but you need to move your whole avatar to move it in the right direction. It shoot’s in all directions or moves with crazy speed.

Just tried it again, it very difficult. the arrows for up/down is perfect for movement.
now we only need it for X and z to make movement a pleasure. It’s really needed to make it friendly to pl;ace objects without arrghs.


Just trying to move text entities. It’s one big disaster becasue the lack of the X and Z arrow for movement. It’s very hard to move the object, instead the object rotates. It where already very hard to copy the text entity, because it seems to rotate everytime.

When do we get the X and Z arrow for movement. And why does it feel high fidelity don’t want the important arrows.