Still no movement w/ Keys (resolved)


Hi. I am successfully in with the current build Mac 2062.
But, I am still unable to move the avatar with the keys with the exception of rotation.

I have stopped and reloaded scripts and
I have removed the old builds from my system using AppCleaner and checked to make sure there was no errant .ini file lying around (even if I suspect this has nothing to do with this issue.!)



From looking at the photo you sent, you are looking at yourself in mirror mode. Make your View look like mine.


Yes, I have turned off everything, and am often only in First Person, but still no movement.


OK…so I de-selected “enable keyboard motor control,” restarted then reselected it. I can now move.


Interestingly, I can now move, but all of the textures are reversed-- letters read backwards. No worries. This is fine for now. Thank you.