Still not visible in directory


I just checked again.

Butsince the last time i comlained about is, around two weeks ago. Am still not visible in the directory and not changed anything because it worked fine before the domain where set to private. it’s for a while set to public, it’s not changed.

If you look at the directory page the problem only got worse. ?
It’s only showing 41 from the 48 online domains. So only more domains dissapeared.

When is this going to be fixt ?
Running a public domain and not in the directory. annoying.

Also i suggest to view always all domains. but mrk the locked ones. That create less confusion.


This ws discussed here:

@b said he’d take up my suggestion to HF staff to have three category areas for domains. Guess they didn’t give a damn. Honestly, I’d never pay for a place name that does not appear in the directory. If this is not addressed, it is all going to lead to other means to set up place names.


@Richardus.Raymaker currently the database doesn’t have your domain sending it heartbeats, which is how we tell that your domain is online.

If you could provide your log from your domain-server, that may help me identify why that is happening.



I apologize if I suggested that we would be able to incorporate the restricted section of the directory in quick order.

We’re currently focused on reducing the show-stopping crashes and bugs in the software.

We will review the styling/marketing of the directory after that. At that time I will be sure to petition for a way to include restricted access domains in the list.


You have the log, in 2 parts because i do not see other way to get it to you.


No apologies necessary, @b , I’m sure you brought it up. I was specifically referring to the huge styling/marketing changes that were made to the WEB site well after my and others suggestions. Clearly someone else took the time to make those styling changes and gave no consderation to the issue.