Strange glow / brightness on avatar


I think @judas already screamed about that. i will see what happens with my domain as soon the file is uploaded.

But what did the screw with the avatra that looked perfect for months and months. and how to fix it. This is default mixamo avatar with only change in the early days on glossy setting.

Looks a bit like the brightness etting is wrong in high fidelity.


Everything on my domain looks fine, except the avatar. Build 4319

On earth my object seems to be more bright too. better visible inworld then on picture.
Also it feels there’s some flow on the build or inside. Never placed any lights.


The “brightness” is actually the environment being reflect off the avatar because the reflectance value of the avatar is nearly equivalent to an metallic object. this can be fixed by setting a Hardness Intensity value of 0. (even thought I did mention that this should be by default 0 to avoid any issues such as these).

By default, Mixamo avatars have a glossiness value, which is why you are not fully going T-1000


So basically you’re saying that they need to fix it @Menithal with they haven’t already


It can either be fixed by adding the non-metallic map texture to the object, or have Hifi make 0 a default value for something that doesnt have a metallic value set to it: Either or.


Old image from the image thread. My avatar where always fine. so i woul;d say it’s a bug in high fidelity. default 0 would be good idea

Old picture. No problems.


Arguably hifi no longer supports Mixamo avatars rather than being broken, you shoudl perhaps discuss it with Adobe I’m sure they will care** A LOT**


Scratching head. WHat does High Fidelity now ? Besides the mixamo avatars seems broke. What is supported this days in high fidelity, must be a short list.


The pioneering spirit, at least its never dull. :slightly_smiling:
maybe that’s why we cant have a sit script
they like to keep us on our toes


Abode Fuse CC created mesh, Mixamo rigged AV - static posed in HF and attached as AV in front. It’s far from impossible to use one. Mesh created and auto-rigged about 2.5 weeks ago. Texture stack updated for new engine. Want easy? Wait for someone (not me) to sell you one or use what HF coughs up or spend a few years learning how to transfer weighted meshes between armatures and tune weight paints. It was every bit as hard to start making mesh clothing in SL when it first came to be as this is.


I know better, but i did a peek on the marketplace avatars.
The are all bad and not suitable. to old, to big , wrong face, wrong clothing.
only zach where sutable but that did everybopdy use.

The just need to fix this problem, mixamo is a pretty standard format.
It’s a bug in high fidelity or a bug in mixamo. Fuse is not really nice program to work with , because tiny font. mabye something need to be change on slider. But wich one ?

Yes, breaking the on lyu good avatar in high fidelity is really more then annoying. :rage: