Strange Menu Rendering



I get the effect I’m trying to show in pictures attached from time to time - there seems no pattern to it - it randomly appears maybe 1 out of 10+ runs. Had to resort to taking snaps of screen since nothing else I tried would capture. Note that menus are detached and offset - in case of leftward menus render mostly off-screen. Windows 10 - Nvidia GTX660M

It’s a PR build I took those with, but it happens with release as well.


You said this is your second monitor, correct? Can you list all your monitors and their resolutions and orientations?

Also, are any of them high-DPI monitors (4k)?


No high DPI monitors involved.

Yes - dual monitor setup.

1 - 1920 x 1080 laptop display
2 - 1280 x 1024 external

Windows sees 1280x1024 as primary.


I’m unable to reproduce either this or the squiggle letters in the preferences dialog, and I haven’t heard anything else from others experiencing these issues. I’m beginning to suspect it’s something particular to your machine. In particular, the menus at the top of the app are just standard native menus… so I have no idea why they would behave like this. I’m assuming it’s our application in particular that does this… you don’t see the same behavior from say, notepad?


Right it’s just HiFi - that said - I’m allocating tomorrow to revert to Windows 7. I never had the level of weird **** I’m seeing with HiFi in particular until I went to 10. I’ll let you know if I see any such oddities once I go back and, short of anyone else seeing this, lets assume it’s Omega’s screwed up system. :slight_smile: