Strange problem with blender


I have a strange problem. For some strange reason i get after a while building on object always duplicated parts or faces and the are hidden. You spot them later.
Now i get the idea it happens when i do a duplicate and undo. Or it happens when i seperate parts later after a joing to correct something.

But i still not figured out how i always get duplicates without knowing. And am carefull but it happens still every build i think. It means you have lot’s of cleanup work later. and a change you still forget some.

Any idea’s ?


if u seperate a face and re join it each of the verts are being effectivly doubled

(Image done big to maKe it easier to see if) I seperate a face on a cube it gets its own verts if i joined it back together these verts would be in the same space as the ones on the top edge
remove doubles gets rid of any verts in a given space, it has a slider to adjust the how near they need to be to eachother to be merged.


something like that happens to and i know. but sometimes it’s needed. But i dtill have the problem thst parts get diplicsted. i keep better eye on it.


As @Judas points out “Remove Doubles” will solve all your issues with duplicated verts cause by separating parts and rejoining.

But apply caution, remove doubles will also effectively destroy any “Edge split” modification you have made as it kind of “Unsplits” the edges back to a single edge. So bare in mind every time you “Edge split” you double the verts at the highlited points and you might need to preserve these doubles.


Yes i know that remove doubles. it not always works good or not. Edge split is really a terrible function i do not use if possible.

remove doubles i like anyway to use at the end. if i do not forget it.

But remove doubles. is not removing doubles faces or objects that are for soemr eason duplicated. and i still dont know how that happens.