Strange texture behaviour


I just imported a model from Turbo Squid in FBX with materials applied and no textures and the materials seem to take on the texture of surrounding objects.
Please see video for better description (short video, only 60 seconds)


Ive had that happen when a face material without settings applied… Did you double check the model manually?


Yeah that seems to be the problem, there are over 300 separate objects and untold materials in this building here so it was an insane check, once I joined the whole thing as one object and reset the material the problem went away but that introduces new problems, everything is one material.

It is so hard to find good quality commercial models that suit our purposes here, so many of the models available are rubbish, bad mesh, dodgy geometry, Ngons, missing textures, manifold problems, its almost easier to rebuild the whole thing sometimes.


I uploaded the model seen below with 5 different shaders on it. All you have to do is apply the shaders first then combine all the parts. Works perfectly :smile:


I think, the problems often comes with transparencies. Here for example a semitransparent vase has made my avatar or other things behind it transparent.

I have had different such effects before all was ok.


Thanks for the reply, and its a nice model but I really dont see what that has to do with my issue.


Im showing you that even though its all one model (many parts combined together) it doesnt have to be only one material. So there is no new problem by combining forcing you to use only one material.

Sorry that wasnt clear.


I hear you. I usually end up just making my own as it will be faster.


Thank you, my problem is that the materials havent been applied correctly and I would have to reset the materials manually. This will take me hours.
If I combine all objects one problem is solved and another problem is created and gets infinitely more difficult, then I have to work with individual faces so thats a non starter.
Because the materials arent applied properly, I have to set each material again. I blame the creator.

Thanks for your input.