Stress Test #3!


Are you ready?! We’re ready! Join us for one more stress test (and again Friday the 17th)!

This Friday, February 10 at 2pm PST (22:00 GMT), we’ll be conducting our third heavy-load stress test in High Fidelity. We learned a lot from the previous two tests, and now we’re looking to put our findings to work (and also learn even more). In addition, we’ll be gathering information on our brand new user interface. If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, be sure to sign up! Oculus Rift and HTC Vive users are especially encouraged to attend, and desktop client users are welcome also.

If you haven’t already done so for a previous stress test, please let us know a little bit about you and your VR habits by filling out this form. Why do we need this information? We’re setting benchmarks on a few things that require us to look at specific users and their experiences in world so you will have to be whitelisted for this stress test.

You will also need to install a developer version of High Fidelity’s Interface. We will send a link to the necessary version to those who have signed up to test.

As with last week, there will be a hard limit of 100 users for the stress test, and we’ll have an overflow area where you can hang out and load in as we are able to increase the number of users in our new theater space.

Looking forward to seeing you in the metaverse!

The Welcome Thread. Introduce Yourself!
Bandwidth Requirements per Connection?

I shall be attending and Philip told me I can grade all the developers pay based on the results
ups the stress level dont it :stuck_out_tongue:


I am a Linux user so I need to compile the interface. What git commit must I compile?


Easiest way is to look at git tags, pick latest available or specific one - if given and build from it.


Anything specific you want us to do or any specific areas you want stresed? Different avatars, lots of hand waving, dance animations, extra sound injectors (like virtual clapping), physics things?


Yep! We’re going to run things a lot like last week- audio, hand motions with the controllers, etc. We don’t need it to be heavy on the animations and extras, but we do want it to simulate a real world type event.


Please add me to the whitelist.


Two questions:

  1. Am I still whitelisted from last week or do I have to sign up somewhere again (where?)?

  2. When is the best time to download the latest developer version of the interface for the stresstest?


You are still whitelisted from last week.
If you could download the build marked (latest) after 1:30 PST/ 21:30 GMT today that would be perfect. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you there!


Presumably the weekly meetup is beforehand at 1:00pm?


To clarify, the test starts at 2. the 30 min buffer is to give you time to download the new dev-download version and work out any kinks you might encounter in the download.
More instructions:


i think HF have compatibility problem with my computer, it just shows blocky low-res skybox after “loading content” >_<


it’s possible. What are your specs?


Intel HD 4600
Windows 10
i5 4460

also shows lots of pink when displaying in-game menu.


Which graphics card?


I get the same issue with Intel graphics


graphics card: Intel HD 4600.

now trying it on Intel HD 4200 in my windows tablet in a couple of minutes.


101 people, and I hear everyone fine. Apparently someone else there hears it choppy, though.


i heard choppy noises and voices.

i still can see nothing other than the skybox tho. haha.


103 avatars now. Nice. Wonder how long it will take to get to 200 at one of these stress tests.