Stress Test #3!



I tried to enter from dev-welcome but I get a “Protocol version mismatch”.
I compiled the client from master branch.

In future stress tests a Linux user will need the “git checkout branch/tag/commit” to compile the correct version of the interface.

What was the right branch? Master? Stable? RC-xx?

Thank you


Hi Elmanytas-
Typically when you see protocol version mismatch during a stress test, you can click “OK” and continue to dev-welcome. However, Linux does have some idiosyncrasies and is probably not a great fit for these tests. :frowning:️️


I am finding Interface 6066 to crash a lot unlike the version used in the last stress test which ran solidly.


I can’t even connect. I’ve been trying since 15 minutes before the test was supposed to start with build 6066, have launched over thirty times. Only one time has dev-welcome appeared in Go To, and it failed to connect. Every other time, it’s not even in the list.


Devs were having some problems with the server setup. Its being corrected. Unfortunately, 6066 interface crashes a lot. That needs to be investigated too.





We got slammed pretty hard. you might be able to load now, but we are over capacity in the stress test area.


Truly :slight_smile: dev-welcome is pretty slammed too.


I managed to get in once a few minutes ago, but it crashed after I tried switching back to VR mode and I’m back to not being able to get in.


And who does popcorn and does not share with us?


Was pretty hectic, a lot of people !

Does the software maybe keep downloading assets even if it doesnt need it anymore ? Aka, im in dev-welcome loading avatars/stuff, i go into the portal, i feel like its still loading the stuff from dev-welcome, because the stuff and avatars in the portal area took a long time to appear.



It was pretty cool. Is there a form or such to report bugs and such?


nothing that formal :smiley: feel free to message me feedback here or email me.


Ok great, I’ll mail you then :wink:


King of the stage =p

Also there was some creepy guys ahah


Hi Melissa,

No perf testing scheduled for tomorrow? I’m lost without it:( Lol.

Just wanted to check (I realize it is not on the calendar.)




:slight_smile: None tomorrow but stay tuned for next week!

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