Stress Test Fridays


A ways to go from Feb 2017
I know we can support it , but can we get more people all in one place all at the same time


I got my Ticket.


lols imagine being the dev who has to add a billion people to the access list manually for one of these ticketed events


Everybody saw that, right? @Judas totally volunteered to help add a billion people manually to guest lists.

(But I hear you about scaling and access lists.)


One issue I see is that if you lock the domain down to only registered users for the event, where will all the new users who come in during that time go? Using TheSpot sounds like a dicy decision, even if for just a half hour once a month, since it is the new arrival destination.

Edit: also, the event does not specify if an HMD is needed or not. If that is the case, I could swing by on my phone.


Open to all, not just the HMD-enabled!


Got my ticket as well :slight_smile:


I tried to register today for the July 6th stress test and it told me it was sold out. Was there a limit in how many people could sign up? I was able to register for the next six Stress Tests, though.

Also, I did blog about this:


Replied to your post over here:


Oh OK thanks! That is confusing!


Okay that was fun. It’s been a while since I’ve been in High Fidelity so it was nice to pop in and see old (avatar) faces. :slight_smile:

Windows 10 shutting off my mic (thanks April 2018 privacy update I never knew I got) and the lag prevented me from attending from start to finish, but once the avatar count dropped below 84, I could move well enough and hear complete sentences. Loved the venue - and got back just in time to watch Philip leave! :rofl:

Which brings me to troubleshooting for the rest of the week. My graphics were perfect, but the audio was so lagged, everyone sounded like a bad cell phone connection. After the test, I went to National Park with a friend and did audio and fps tests. Voice as well as ambient audio were perfect. I get 22 down and 7 up at my house and all competing wireless devices were shut off for the test. So - was it the venue? Maybe just a result of the avatar count? Anyway, thought I’d throw my results in here. Would love suggestions and to hear everyone else’s results. Was great to see you all again. :heart:

Edit: (thanks Kahiro for reminding me to put down the specs)

PC Specs:

(MSI GE72VR laptop)
Intel Core i7 7700HQ
NVidia GeForce GTX1060 (3gb DDR5)
16gb RAM
HTC Vive


I haven’t experienced major audio issues, my biggest issue was mostly not network related, but graphics related so I had to lower graphics when the count was around 100.

I it was a pretty good benchmark if somewhere around 100 persons can be on a single domain without major issues considering all the network traffic that it generates,

The peak was around 200, for me it was very laggy, but most probably those with better graphics cards had a different experience.

Congratulations to all the HiFi team for your hard work.

PC Specs:

Intel Core i7 8700
Nvidia Geforce 1050ti
Mother: Asus Rog Strix Z370-H Gaming
8GB Ram
Oculus Rift


Confused me as well. I got the memo just immediately before the event, so I didn’t think anything of it. In any case, just dropped in to add my minuscule support and check out the scene, which seems to be HiFi --> VRChat, sort of.