Stretchable electrics


This has possibilities. coolness


It does, though that lasting one million stretches needs to be at least 10x higher. Finger sensors will create 2-3 million stretches a year, so, that means the sensor would last half a year before it breaks. Now that is OK if the hand glove is priced at $20. Not so great if it is priced at $100.


I still think it would be possible to make a thin glove that had rigid “bones” between each joint and stretchy connection to strain gauge resistors at each joint. That would solve all the bending feedback. As far as spread between fingers, the first angle between the palm and knuckles is all that is important. But the thumb is different.


That stretchy thing is how the 80s VR datagloves used to be made. They used stretchy fibre optic cable. They did work well though they were always falling out of calibration as the thin strands slowly lost their elasticity.