Stuck at first hurdle ... no hand controller selection menu?


Hi Folks,
I’m ten minutes in to trying to get setup with hifi for the first time. I have an HTC Vive and steamVR is all set up and working nicely for games etc. I’m trying to configure interface but can’t find the “input devices” menu anywhere, as mentioned on this page: The only sections I have in the avatar menu are “basics” “Tuning” and “camera”.
It seems that having settings->advanced menus selected doesn’t make any difference to the avatar menu I get either.

Can anyone help here?



Look under Avatar -> Input devices I think that is what you look for.


That’s the problem, I have no input devices item on my avatar menu!

A few more details: O/S: win7.1 64bit , HiFi version: downloaded today (why no verion number in the about screen btw?)


OK, found it now! I was looking under settings->avatar menu instead of the root avatar menu … Bear with me :slight_smile:



NP, things are still getting worked out here :slight_smile:

The version nnumber should always be on the top of the window if in windowed mode