Stuck in Mexco world



My avatar is stuck which looks like the inside of a fairly large custom shaped building block. Teleportation doesnt work, the Hub menu just shows ´Hub´ and is not clickable.

How do I get out without reinstalling?



The teleportation should work regardless of situation
have you tried pressing enter and typing in Welcome, or selecting a snapshot from it?


There may be multiple things to figure out here.

If the Heads Up Display (HUD) toolbar shows only one button labeled HUD, that’s the toggle that makes the HUD go away or come back. If that button is black, then it is probably just toggled off and clicking it again should make everything come back. However, if it is white and there are no other buttons, then the HUD is on, and the lack of buttons indicates that the scripts haven’t loaded. In that case, try Edit->Running Scripts, and see if any .js files are shown in the upper half. It should say defaultScripts.js. If not, click the REMOVE ALL button, and then the LOAD DEFAULTS button. defaultScripts.js includes the teleport script.

Meanwhile, as Menithal says, you should be able to do Navigate->Show Address Bar and click on anything to go there, regardless of being stuck.


The HUD may be disabled if the avatar is considered to be ‘in motion’. Maybe there’s a some kind of input bug where the user is considered to be moving even when they’re not. That would cause the HUD button to be unclickable as reported.


Re-installing may not help you if we don’t wipe the INI file when we re-install (i’m not sure if we do).

To get out this, I suggest exiting interface completely, and then opening a ‘run dialog’ by pressing Win+R. Then paste hifi://welcome into the dialog and click OK. This should cause Interface to start up and go to the Welcome domain.


No, lucky you not do that, that would drive me and people nuts. Because you lose avatar and all custom settings.



Thanks for the feedback.

Somehow the Vive controllers didnt let me pull up the menus. The only thing my avatar could do was move back and forth, up and down, within this building block.

After a while of moving around I noticed the mouse cursor and used it accordingly. Being in VR and the mouse curson not in visual I didnt realize using the mouse was also an option.

HFs interface overall looks great thou,

Have a nice day.