Subcategory for scripting help?


Would a subcategory specifically for scripting questions and help be useful to you? Would you use it? I notice people are having trouble deciding whether to post script questions in the general Help and Troubleshooting section, or in Scripts (which is supposed to be for finished scripts–we could stand to make the name clearer). Your thoughts, please.

I’d like to avoid adding a subcategory only to have it be a ghost town. The more inactive categories and subcategories you have on a forum, the scarier it is for new people to make a first post.


I asked for this the last 12 months a few times. because it makes searching more easy. I do not think it’s going to be ghosted.


yes, and whatever extra characters I need to post.


The relevant nuggets of wisdom get buried as we all fight about the details at , or become wrong as hi-fi changes.
It’s a shame we can’t have a Frankenstein wiki that self builds out of the forum but can be condensed by enthusiastic users so it doesn’t ramble and fight so much .
Oh if posts could have search terms added by other users like metadata


Ok, to attempt to tie all this together:

@james_hifi has agreed to perform live office hours for Javascript 11 AM PST on Wednesdays at “open”

I will be available to answer very easy questions while James can answer specifics to the Platform.

W3Schools “try it” is functional inside High Fidelity QtWebEngine, so open your browser in High Fi using Ctrl+‘B’ and paste in the following to the address bar prior to begin class.

@Jess Please place a recurring Javascript Office Hours on the High Fi calendar. Please and thank you.

See you in class.


Aight. It’s on the calendar for four weeks. I’ll check in after that and see if you’re both good to go to continue.

Please let me know if you decide to change the location or time at any point, I’m trying to keep things current. Thanks!


This subcategory has been created!

I’ll move appropriate threads in there as I see them, but if you’d like to help out, feel free to direct me to any (recent-ish) threads that should go in there, and I’ll move them.

Thank you!


Why is that put under a strange category where nobody looks ?
I would have put it on a more logic place

Help and Troubleshooting -> Scripting

But under creations ? :hushed: Not used to look there if i need help.



You could just ask “Could we move that to Help and Troubleshooting, please?”

Would anyone else like to second @Richardus.Raymaker’s motion?


Well, not asked it that way, because there’s mabye some unknown logic.
It’s only put on strange place right now for my idea.