Submesh shrinkwrapping in Bullet, etc


At the meeting, Philip mentioned something about how Bullet has a function that will in real time shrinkwrap the physics shape around the submeshes of a 3D object… which made me wonder: Are there any videos that show what this physics action looks like visually? As in, is there a video somewhere that shows the physics model wrt the object, so you can actually see the physics model as its formed around the 3D object? That would be neat to watch.

The other thing that it made me wonder: Is there a way to make a sort of avatar contours shape with some offshoot of this, so that clothing layers can be done with mesh clothes? I.e. one could ahve a shirt on over the av, without pokethru of the av thru the shirt, and then apply a jacket on top of the shirt and not have pokethru of the shirt through the jacket?