Submitting bug reports


Hi all, we have implemented our official issue tracking system. We are no longer going to use GitHub issues, and all reports must be sent via email.

Please submit your bug reports to the address

It is important that you add as much of the following information as possible to your report so that we can effectively identify a cause:

  • Operating system and Build number
  • Steps to reproduce the problem - if we can experience the issue, it will be much easier for us to find a solution
  • Hardware details - ideally, send us a system information report, you can generate that using msinfo32 on Windows or System Information on Mac; attach the system report to the email. Otherwise, just list your hardware and software specs (Windows version, display adapter details and any input devices or additional hardware you consider appropriate)

Thank you all for your reports, let me know if you run into any issues when submitting them. Please do not post reports in the forums or on GitHub issues as they will not be officially processed.



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If you’ve never submitted a bug report, there’s a template I like to use that can really help with the phrasing and ultimately help the issue be understood and fixed.

Here’s how I do, other templates welcome.

Subject line: Write the subject line that describes the issue briefly

Body of email

Write a 1 to 3 sentence description of the issue.


Say what build you are using, and a little about your computer and operating system.

To Repro

  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2 etc until bug happens

Observed Results

Write down what you see (not what you think you should see or want to see, but what you actually currently see) in this area

Expected Results

Ok NOW write what you thought you should have seen :smile:

Here’s an abbreviated example:

Title: Stoping then restarting script crashes interface on PC

Description: When I load Interface and run a script, trying to stop and run that script again crashes Interface.

** To Repro **

  1. Load up interface
  2. Run a script
  3. Click “stop all scripts”
  4. Try to load the same script again

Observed Results

When the script is loaded for the second time, Interface crashes

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Just a quick update to this message… please send your bug reports to, instead of