Substance painter questions


Ok. looking at substance painter. It does have soem interestings things. It’s having a terrible font size but with magnifier that can be worked around.

But what i cannot find in the trail. Does substance painter FBX export. With the materials ? If not what is the right flow for blender, because in blender it seems a big fail to get it right.

If it does not export FBX it’s not add much for high fidelity as long blender is so hard with PBR. You could still use non PBR. But if it really add much then compared to texture painting in blender.


No it doesn’t export the fbx just textures


That’s bad. why do people like that program when there so many things. oops. Maby more expensive 3D-Goat ? The material textures from SP you not get correct in and out of blender :open_mouth:

Only substance painter is pretty easy and it seems you can convert without problem between different texture sizes. not sure if other programs can do that

Quixel… ? :open_mouth: can that export FBX ?
Quixel is a good price with $79, but how easy is it ?
Big minus for quixel. The forum is on facebook ?! are the uhmm nuts ?
That make quizel straight useless.



Now Keep that one out of music domain. or we get a invasion of goats. :grinning:

Substance painter did lose the second round again. Another system lithering) Next program !


All the program you mentioned just export the textures, except 3D-Coat, that can export FBX as well, however not the way I think you want - its just a model. I have both 3D-Coat and Quixel. Quixel is not the easiest thing to learn and its 100% dependent on Photoshop.

With all the programs you will need to put the textures they export into blender in a texture slot with the right settings set order to get them to work.


Yeah we got to get the goat out.


Interesting, if 3D cost can export fbx i expect it’s doing it with pbr and materials on it.

Quxel is anyway a fail because the use facebook as forum. And i have no photoshop. Forgot that last part.

Well, that is the problem, getting things rght in blender. You want to paint in BPR program and then export the mesh with PBR.

ADD: Just checking google, and i get the impression that 3d cost is doing with export what i want. i hope the trail have a working export. We know it soon.


Yeah, 3D-coat seems to have the same problem. It does export FBX. but it’s exporting the textures seperate to. Now i can try to get it working in blender again. But i think that’s a fail again to.

Unless soemone have the rigth workflow and settings in blender to get it working.
But then substance painter is more easy to use.

ADD: Just remember this page. See if that helping me.

No, that’s not helping i think. This is what 3D-coat generated.
A few i can mabye place. some not. Bump and Gloss not sure what AO means.


Blender, with a bit trail and error and almost sure wrong settings.

And high Fidelity.

I see the power in PBR. But the workflow is a hell. It would be betetr if we just can import the FBX and textures seperate in high fidelity. And then assign from inside high fidelity the textures to the FBX and mabye some settings to tweak it.

The bonus with this workflow is that cache get used much better i think.


Need to test sunstance painter and see if there’s a blender manual substance painter to blender.


The next version of blender is getting pbr so I belive, maybe that will simplify stuff for us, but back in reality
it wont, what all these progs need is a thing to auto load textures by name to save all the arsing around doing it manually


Substance Designer (sister program to painter) actually does the packaging , if you are working with Unity or Unreal (maybe High Fidelity in future?) you can use the .sbsar package format which you can then just import and apply directly as a material.

What Hifi is missing is the ability to add arbitrary materials to entities, whatever packaging format it takes sure would be sweet to have this ability.

I wonder how much the performance really is affected though given current state? If you really want to share textures across models you can still export from Blender as an unpacked .fbx with relative links.

Re; Blender PBR version, I’m doubting it will be useful for us other than for a better preview in blender. If they include an internal non-node PBR material then yes, it likely would help…



But something like substance painter still can be usefull. as long you ignore the PBR side and only use it for painting.


Oh yeah, I use Substance painter extensively for PBR textures… best bang for the buck , similar to 3d Coat it allows you to get to that extra level when texturing models.

The important thing to realize is a PBR workflow produces different textures than the Spec-Gloss workflow. Even the Base PBR (albedo) texture will look very different than the same spec-gloss diffuse version of the texture. Substance works well because of the balance it creates between the 4 main maps(base,roughness,normal,metallic).



Playing with substance painter. it’s so much more easy then 3D-Coat (with magnifier software) In blender i get some result. I see really use of spending money on it because painting is 20 times more easy thin inside blender. but this only on cube.

What a difference inside high fidleity. Yiks ! :wink:

But i still see some PBR. It’s just learning what settings give what result between SP -> blender -> Hifi. Mabye next update works better to.

Possible some materials not assigned to right slots to :open_mouth:


I think i prefer to keep painting in blender. Mabye more limited. But that works at least easy and pretty fast. Substance painter is doing weird trhing when you try to mask it.

Would be nice if blender would ahve “smart materials” or soemthing like that.


I use a feature called ‘Add black mask from color selection’ with a ‘color id’ texture I have imported that was made with blender for the model… works like a charm.


I honestly agree, these other progs aint the magic solution they woudl have u belive.
albedo- colour image
gloss- feint black and white version of albedo
hardness darker black and white version of albedo
normal- some purple looking fekker
displacment map- blurry looking version of the gloss
emission map, white bits on the light bits


I think the object i try to paint is not so good fro SP.
if i select the mask top face. the face under it get masked black to.
So i need to try it on more basic thing first.


The object still needs to have a good UV unwrap to be painted on effectively in any tool. 3d Coat actually does the UV unwrapping as well, so this is an advantage over using the blender unwrap tools.