Sudden crashes (program shutdown) (Windows 8.1) Build 2732


I’ve been working my butt off today trying to relocate entities to web servers as my ftp isn’t being accepted by HiFi anymore (no one seemed to mention a sudden discontinuation of this).

Sadly though many of the trees I have are larger files and no way to shrink them down. (my webspace is limited to 10 megs per account and all 7 are now used up)

I was about to check a file that was tiny and just moved to a webspace when the system started crashing (roughly about 8:30pm PDT.) At first I thought it was a rogue entity so I quickly TP’d to a series of other locations. I got the SAME response at ALL locations. Things started loading then suddenly CRASH! (including that irritating Mouse lock up that forces me to ctl-alt-del just to release the mouse from the software’s vicegrip hold.


You found the topic already, but still want to link from here to there.


yeah but this is different type of crashing… not just dropping everything and returning to the stars background but it is a software LOCK UP

Plus it only started at the reported time of day

Extra note… Crashing resumes (lockup style) with 2733 (but at least the fonts are sharper even if they DID forget the dark background they need)


I think I found the cause of my crashing. it was the hi-poly trees I had put in that seemed to be causing the trouble.

May I make a suggestion to the “powers that be”? After an entitiy is placed (I assume the 'artist" would be present to see it rezzing)

IF the entity EXCEEDS system limitations (for rezzing), perhaps a popup window could warn that entity “” does not conform to system standards. This might help builders to acertain if the problem is due to the software, the Operating System, Entity structure/settings or just a bad internet connection.


Did you checked the log ?
For now we need todo with the log if things don’t work right. If it’s not there it’s mabye good to print a notice.

At the other side, am not sure if high fidelity already know where the wabt to draw the line. Things need to be more optimized and stabilized for that.

Sadly i also think message dialogs get implemented a bit later when the main parts are implemented and stable. the log file is sufficient enough right now.


" the log file is sufficient enough right now."

They are only useful IF you can decipher them and find them!


A new oddity, I was placing low poly rocks and going into edit mode caused my camera to ZOOM WAY OUT!

I attempted to use the scroll wheel to zoom back in but it PUSHED the zoom BACK OUT to it’s insistent position!


On Windows, the typical path is:
C:\Users\{your_account}\AppData\Local\High Fidelity\Interface\Logs

Being this is alpha, I made a shortcut to the logs folder for quick access.


I am not a coder nor a software engineer (I always thought they were one and the same), My expertise is in hardware and electronics as well as avatar design, NOT software or “geekinese”, therefore most of what is in the logs barely means anything at all to me.

as far as avatar designs, I have yet to find any software that didn’t create troglodyte-like avatars so no, I’ve not created any that I like given the very few choices available to me.


Understood. But you might be asked to send the log to a developer, and should that happen now you’ll know where to look. Agreed that making things is very difficult presently. Looking forward to the day when that is behind us.



With the release of builtd 2733 it seems the zooming bug has been fixed