Suddenly things go badly


Hi there.

I got hifi working three days ago, and have been learning the ropes since. Yesterday I put up a local domain and futzed with that a bit, and was satisfied I knew what I was doing with it for the relatively small amount of time I had invested in it. So last night, I bought a place name, and this morning I got the code compiled on my server out on the intertubes and started up my domain.

All went well until a little before noon, when suddenly…
…My voice chat stopped working, all my preferences got reset, all the content I had placed vanished (not too much, but enough to know something bad happened when it was gone), and I began to get the message “Connection refused: Couldn’t decrypt user signature”.

Additionally, my marketplace avatar was replaced with the default robot.

Obviously, things went horribly amiss somewhere; does anyone have any idea what happened?



First thing is to find out what failed.

Do you have working internet connectivity?
Can you connect your interface to another domain?
Can you still connect to your local domain?
Can you connect to the server where your domain is located?
Have you restarted your domain?

Any no answers should point to the problem.


Yes I have internet connectivity, else how would I have used this resource?
Interface works fine excepting the referenced issues, everywhere, even on my somewhat misbehaved domain.
I cannot still connect to my local domain, but that is fine as it is no longer running.
I can connect to the domain host and two dozen other hosts on the intertubes that I operate as well.
I have restarted the domain several times and pathology is consistent across restarts.


You say that interface still works on your problem domain. That is confusing. If your interface works to other domains and not to yours then something happened to your domain installation. Can you reinstall your domain?


What happens if you start your stack manager and log in to localhost?
Can you log in?
You know when you are not logged in to a domain from the red border around the interface.
If you dont see anything, are you in the location where you placed the objects?

If you can, Has your IP changed, are you using a dynamic name updater? it might need restarting.
This would cause connection refused errors.

Can anyone else log into your domain?

Prefs got reset: This is on your interface?
This happens from time to time, especially on some updates, but it can happen without warning.
That is the cause of your default avatar returning.


I run the domain-server and assignment-client on a server in a datacenter. IP address is static. The connection refused and cryptographic errors cleared up just like they started – all on their own.

The server runs linux and is headless, so no stack manager and no localhost login. Others are able to access the domain as of late last evening.

I moved to a hosted solution because I am uncertain of the impact of home-hosting on performance and because I am in the hosting business and had server space available.

My preferences did seem to get reset, which is unnerving, especially in combination with the other issues I experienced. Resetting them seems to have recovered from that problem however, and there seems no collateral damage.

Concerning the missing objects and location, I have been unable to figure out where in a domain I am, coordinate-wise, so navigating to the scene of some objects is just no-go. That is, until I thought to landmark such a locale before logging out last night. I’m about to log in and return to that location and ascertain whether I have a persistence problem.

Thanks for your questions.


All my things are where I left them as of now :smile:
I’ll follow up should that state of affairs change.


Cool sorry I didnt realize you were remote, no localhost. Good move :slight_smile:

Glad it cleared up. As for figuring out where we are in an empty space go to:

View menu > Stats.

you should see an overlay at the top of the screen like this image, the Position is of course X:, Y:, Z: co-ords.


Concerning the spatial voice not working, this has not been resolved either by efforts or ongoing development so I have entered a job on the worklist site:

If anyone else is experiencing the same problem (@drleviathan :wink: ) please log in to the worklist and get on the bandwagon :wink: