Suggestion: Create a matrix of known issues with older/lower powered graphics cards


After seeing person after person report Interface won’t work for (maybe saying - I have card X) it’s clear there are more than a few who need some clear guidance in this.

Rather than a list of what does work - how about what does not then one could avoid a ton of research, frustration and wasted time.

Cards that need special attention (like beta vs release drivers) should be listed as well.

It can be confusing even with the uber techy to interpret whether a particular device has levels of support HiFi requires…

If you have a card that doesn’t work - post its precise name and driver level here. Maybe then the doc creators can harvest this for creating a matrix or, you just might get lucky and find your card could work if you do certain things.


I think its currently hard to make a matrice of this, as we are in alpha (everything might change between versions, as we have seen with the latest issue with tetriary integrated GPUs).

Testing all of these is really hard for developers as there are thousands of GPUs and myriad of combinations:
which is exactly what we are doing :wink: So its just a matter of making noise if there are some issues with a GPU.

There however should be a warning tag related to integrated graphics cards and tetriary graphic chips on laptops, Before ones first Download that is. And maybe a warning (that can be turned off) which popup ever time you start interface, that this is alpha software and might crash, cause stress and etc. Its nowhere near production readiness.


If you have an ** AMD/Intel integrated graphics chip, expect issues. ** (this applies for most games too)
Even Tertiary integrated graphics chips that run on laptops also run this risk as their drivers are diverged from the main-line driver lines.

If you got the above, and aint got issues now: do expect them later on during the alpha and beta stage. What seems to be stable so far is actual GPU cards on Desktop configurations (this is for both mac and pc)
If however your gpu worked, and it suddenly stops, do make noise: but expect a fixes not to be immediate…

There is a post on this:

However what I can say straight away:

Do not expect Intel HD 3000 or below to work, Especially if using OSX. Its highly unstable, and frames are pulled down until your LODs are at 0. Unless you are used to sitting around in blackness while everyone else is a cardboard cutout.

If you pull up LOD levels you will eventually snow crash (similar to what issues @infinitecircuit had with his mobile gpu) . Most complains I’ve seen so far are usually due to people using Intel HD 3000 or older versions.

This includes most Macbooks Pros that are not retina prior to early 2013 (of which most are probably using as the ones with the oomp are the most expensive of them or any other laptop). In the jist of it, if you computer is running CPU made in late-2012, with integrated graphics, you should be in the clear.

HD 4000 have issues as not all supported features have been unlocked by drivers (this also varies per operating systems)
Some may have some luck with HD 4000s, but with those you might be pushing it slightly.

We have to remember that alot of the work usually for graphics card stability for applications is the driver developers. Since we are in alpha, its not very high in the priority for them to get stuff working here. So stability might come with driver versions, might not.


Look. Seriously over thought.

We have people who come in and say I have card A. Response is card A will never work. Card A is added to list so you don’t have the same questions does card A work over and over and over again. It doesn’t entail developers testing billions of cards. As an engineer I well understand the deeper issues, alpha testing, and blah blah blah blah blah. My only thought was - a simple list of cards we’ve found through users contributing their knowledge (you know part of what alpha testing is for).

This is becoming entirely too much a playground of the ubergeeks. We need the lesser technical types to insure this doesn’t become something only PhD holders in Engineering or Computer Science can use. Some less verbose, more simplified guidance for their types is something I’ve tried to put forth over my months here. That’s all.


Then let’s simplify that post:

During alpha phase

  • Integrated GPU are known to have issues.
  • Any integrated GPU made prior to 2013, expect them to not work.
  • Discrete GPU that do not support OpenGl 3.5 will not work.
  • Discrete GPUs on Macbooks are known to have some issues

The fact is alpha is very early in a software cycle. It is buggy, it is incomplete, and it is unstable, requiring technical tolerance to get over its faults. Yes I am reiterating here, but normally there shouldn’t even be this many users here or open in general…

So yes, most of us early adapters will be in a way either geeky for vr or technically oriented for now because no one else will be going to spend much time testing stuff out.

Right now they’ll come in and leave right after as they’ve got nothing to do it stuff to look at or content to consume.

It is unreasonable to work up a list of graphics cards that dont work, because there sure are plenty.

But the 4 points I listed pretty much covers the matrice of cards that have issues.


Also - another way to address this not involving anything like testing cards or complex thought. Pseudo code.

if( ! gl_support_needed ) {
ShowMessage('Sorry - your hardware does not support this application - see some explanation why @ someplace');

As it stands now - - if you can find log you might see some GL error messages giving clue. The lesser techies see nothing - it quits and are left with why?!?!?!


This probably would solve at least 70% of the issuea mostly dealing with the Intel graphics cards.

But I wouldnt go and terminate it instantly after, until we reach beta and begin to stabilize the requirements. Instead warn the user every time and ask if they want to continue.


Intent of idea was for cards that can not even load viewport. By all indications given by graphics programmer and others involved, requirements will only go up from here.