SUGGESTION: On Improving High Fidelity's Work Flow and Organization for All


On Improving High Fidelity’s Work Flow and Organization for All

Alright, so this is just a suggestion that I have which I have seen (at my university) works really well when everyone is actively participating and contributing to this experience. We have so much information coming in from all different directions, in different forum posts, on the work lists, in-world, via e-mail… It’s easy to get lost in the storm of information and even easier to end up ignoring half the things that come our way, even though that may not be our intention… So I thought it was about time that I at least tried to step out of my shy cubby hole and take a stab at a possible solution to bringing some clarity to the High Fidelity community. I would also really appreciate your input on the matter as well!

Here we go!

Job Description: High Fidelity Web Aide

Have one relay person (web-aide) who can receive updates via e-mail and private message in forums from EVERYONE on the work that is being done, solutions for problems, problems that need to be fixed, and problems that have been fixed. Things that should also be included are new jobs in the High Fidelity work list, any corresponding contact information that might go with any of the jobs at hand on both back and front end work, and even celebrating achievements. This way, with as little effort as possible, we are logging our progress and can figure out what our priorities are in a collaborative manner. This web aide should be updating a stickied topic on the forums on a daily basis and corresponds with weekly emails as well. Within this forum topic, all individuals may add any other input on the happenings of that day and, within this space, the web aide should act as a bridge of communication between front and back end users.

Just by having this individual act as a relay for clearer communication, we could have more eyes in more places finding solutions for problems we might have missed. Back end users also don’t have to become so overwhelmed by the demands of others if front end users funnel their questions to a single address. The questions that get asked the most get put on top of the list as a priority, which takes a lot of stress off of the developers so that they have more time to concentrate on their work. If a developer has a problem that needs to be fixed or needs some time to be fixed, that can also be addressed. Not only does the front end benefit from the relief of knowing what progress has been made in the day, but the back end users also benefit from the off chance that a creative might be able to solve the technical issue. Yes, the jobs do reside in the Worklist, but to have all these things in one place would be far more convenient for everyone. We would become far more productive, as well. In this way, everyone wins; and all it takes is one really dedicated person to pull it off.

These are just ideas, but I think it’s a jumping point for discussion for sure. Please let me know what you think and maybe we can forge a way to creating a community friendly model so that we may grow together as a strong collaborative team! Yay!

Wishing everyone the best with their Alpha experience,

That One Girl That Makes Voxel Pixel Art and Plays Music and Stuff


Have you been on here?
has some interesting info on it, course I don’t understand a word of it but
is useful to see whats new in each of the updates


Yeah, but that’s exactly the point isn’t it, Judas? It’s hard for the average user to understand all that… its hard to pay attention even though the information is readily available in that format. They need to be in the form of blog posts… Like patch notes plus a comment/reply section to the updates… a two way communication that’s more in your face.


I think what i would love to see is a lay-person’s summary coming out each week that talks about it not in terms of the technical work thats being done but about what are the problems (from an end user point of view) that are currently being worked on and what they are prioritising (and why). For example, addressing the issues with voice not working consistently for windows users is somethign I can understand - i dont need to know how they are doing it, but I do want to know its somethign they are actively looking to address


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, but for people who do want that more technical answer can maybe click a link or contact the web-aide for more information?


Exactly what we need! :slight_smile:


Is there anyone fluent in tech babble able to speak in plain English?


This is exactly what is needed to move forward great idea @Krysania