Suggestion: Please make the API searchable


Hello everyone!

I’m working on retooling some existing scripts & will be making heavy use of the API documentation which is unfortunately still not searchable. There are 68 entries under Namespaces alone & it’s a bit tedious to have to manually look through each and every possibly related entry to find references to the bits and bobs I want to make use of. If and when you can, please make the API itself searchable as I’m sure it will benefit a great number of users, myself included. (I believe @ctrlaltdavid has already filed a request to this effect some time back, but thought I’d prod you a bit personally, haha.)

Thanks so much!

  • Ken


our new docs manager @ingerjm0 is definitely working on this. Much requested internally as much externally :slight_smile:


Fantastic, thanks!!! :smiley: