Suggestion to add a 'show bounding boxes' button to newentitiesedit.js


The change the made to remove the entities option from the developer menu is not so bad. a bloated menu is worse. But the accessibility of the option to view the bounding box from entity is ow very hard, and not easy for someone that just start with high fidelity.

Why is the button important ?
You cannot edit the following enties without bounding box. Because without bounding box you dont see them.

  1. Light entities
  2. Invisible prims

Its also good to see if there are not loaded or bad entities.
So if we place a button in the newentitiesedit.js or add it under existing button like the model lopad button we solve 2 problems. Easy access for users. And less options in the menu.

I made a worklist suggestion for this


To show the boundingboxes you need to use developermenuitems.js Only problem, it still dont show the bounding box if i enabled the first option. in rare cases you see some black bounding box on black background. :frowning: